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As a child, Don was an accountant and financial expert. Presently, Don is an avid entrepreneur who embraces the optimism of the initial idea, embodies the stick-to-it grit for the creation and has the x-ray vision to see problems before they occur. Don’s strongest belief is that our talented and committed team is our most valuable asset and he knows that the ideas, persistence, expertise, and stupidity that the team went through on the adventure were all essential. We’ll pour you a mug and let’s slide in sideways with Don!



Todd is an award-winning craft brew wizard creating brew from the most abundant ingredient on earth – your desire to drink outstanding beer. Todd has proven expertise in creating a wide range of outstanding beers. His most important characteristic is that he loves brewing beer and he couldn’t be more excited to work with the HnB team to become a solid contributor to the Florida Brewing landscape. Todd’s soul resides in Lake Hell ‘n Blazes, his body in Melbourne.



Jimmy knows how to play nice with complicated equipment as well as with humans. He has been an integral member of the HnB team since inception. Jimmy enjoys solving problems, taking on difficult challenges and finding creative solutions. He has the sense of adventure and motivation to achieve outstanding results. Jimmy is ready to begin brewing and drinking like it’s his job (which it is). Jimmy and his girlfriend are currently on hiatus in a 22' RV touring the country, going from repair shop to repair shop across the country.



Jonathan is responsible to overseeing the brewery’s business operations and keeping a beat on the intricacies of the craft beer market He reveres the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of brewing legends such as William S. Gossett & the McKenzie Brothers.

Operations Manager

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